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At the heart of Incendiary Blue you’ll find the same desire and passion in each individual. We have been hard at work analysing and perfecting our approach to give the best experience for our clients. We believe our combination of creativity and technological prowess give us the upper hand when finding the solution to a client’s problem.

After helping numerous agencies and startups successfully build internal teams, it was time for the founder, Mark Edgington, to take his own advice and create his own team to take on the world of ‘client work’.

Over the course of 5 years, Incendiary Blue has successfully grown to a 14 person team - with offices in London, Cape Town and New York.

Life in the IB team is designed without the need for bums on seats. Our flexible environment encourages the future way of working - and we aren’t turning back!

Our clients understand our unified approach to projects to ensure that any solution is one of elegance. As a company, we like to be and feel part of your business and help you achieve your goals. We like to refer to ourselves as the Avengers - but there is probably some copyright issues around that - so, for now, we will stick with Incendiary Blue.

Our London office is headed up by Mark Edgington (Principal Consultant) and Richard Smith (Creative Director). Along with our team, we tackle the User Experience and Design side to every project.

Cape Town
Our South Africa office is headed by our CTO, Phil Benoit. Based in the heart of Cape Town our trusty team of developers help bring the ideas to life whilst embracing the latest technologies to help them stay ahead of the curve.

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