Let's talk about voice

Google announced in May that their ability to recognize human speech was now 95% accurate, which is the same level as humans! Just four years ago, they had an accuracy of around 78%, so expect technol...

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Other insights

  • Machine Learning

    Understanding Blockchain Technology and Deciding When Not to Use It

    The level of hype surrounding blockchain technology has blurred the lines between its realistic applications and impractical use cases.

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  • State of the Voice Market

    State of the Voice Market 2019

    Back in December 2017 I wrote an article talking about voice see here.

    In that i wrote that ‘Gartner Predicts 75% of U.S. households will have Smart Speakers by 2020, which means that 75% of 125.82 million households (94.3 million) will have voice-activated device’. Well its now mid 2019, so i thou...

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  • Digital trends in Healthcare

    Digital trends in Healthcare

    As technology advances, its impact on other industries leads to changes in how things are done. The healthcare industry is no exception.

    Digital transformation in healthcare has already begun to change how doctors and patients interact and how medical tests are performed. Other changes involve mach...

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  • Amazon, Google and Microsoft Machine Learning Services

    New Insights PageAmazon, Google and Microsoft Machine Learning Services

    For a majority of businesses, the thought of implementing machine learning sounds unattainable. Fortunately, it is possible to jump aboard the bandwagon without too shelling out high financial and resource investment. Thanks to companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, it is now possible to get M...

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