University of Surrey - Website Design
We worked on the design of the University of Surrey new website

Incendiary Blue worked as part of a creative team to create a new website for the University of Surrey that would highlight all its favourable qualities, provide information to existing and potential students and drive enrolment for potential students.

The user must be able to easily navigate in a transparent and effortless manner in order to facilitate connections within the University's community.

Due to the large amount of information contained within the site, a highly structured modular system was adopted to organise all the content. Moreover, the use of bold colours allocated to specific types of information helped to create differentiation within the content.

Equally important, the final design needed to be aligned with the new brand guidelines that the University was adopting.



A well thought structure was needed to organise the large amount of information.
A consistent aesthetic on the website helps to build a strong brand identity.